Why consultations?

Over the years, I have received numerous lesson applications asking for one-off consultations to poke my brain over a variety of topics relating to the music industry and business that don't fit within the normal confines of a flute lesson. I am happy to share my experiences, so I have created this new service of consultations to fill this need.

If you would like to inquire only about consultation pricing first, please fill out the pricing request form below. Otherwise, pricing will be given in reply to an accepted application.

Consultation topics:

These consultations will not give you a "magic pill" that will suddenly make your career successful overnight. I will only be sharing from my own experiences and offering fresh points of view that can help you think about your business and career in a new light. Ultimately, your path is yours alone, but I'm happy to share how I've walked mine.

The following list includes but is not limited to the number of topics that we can discuss during a consultation. I do require that we keep topics strictly related to the business aspect of music and career building within the music industry. These consultations are not music lessons.

  • Video and audio setup for a home studio

  • Private teaching methods and models

  • Setting up rules for your teaching studio

  • Time management as a self-employed musician

  • Managing finances as a self-employed musician

  • Motivation and discipline as a self-employed musician

  • Feedback on music-related projects

  • ... and more!

How long are consultation sessions?

In my experience, 1 hour is never enough for a thorough consultation. I need adequate time to hear where you are in your journey and/or situation right now and have time to think carefully as I respond and share from my own experiences.

Thus, I only offer 2 hours per consultation session. I currently do not offer shorter or longer sessions.


I am only accepting clients that fulfill the following requirements:

  • Age 18+

  • Have been musically educated and/or have a past or current musical career (see form below: I will ask you to describe your background in music). These consultations are designed for working adults looking for a fresh perspective on their careers. These are not music lessons.

  • Submittal of the consultation application found at the bottom this page

When I receive your applications, I will assume that you have read, understood, agreed to the contents of this page.

After I receive and accept your application, we will discuss pricing and scheduling over email. Once we confirm a time slot, I will email you an invoice through PayPal and a Skype invitation link.

Prices, requirements, and length of sessions are subject to change. I reserve the right to reject applications and decline prospective clients.

How payment works:

IMPORTANT: I must receive the fee first before we start the consultation, to ensure that both of us are committed to make the consultation happen. The invoice acts as a contract between the client and me.

The consultation session will not begin until the fee has been processed. Just as a fair warning, processing fees may take up to 21 days, though usually the processing time is very quick.

There are no refunds.

A few more rules:

  1. It is up to the client to call me at the start of the scheduled consultation session. Please cold call me at that time.

  2. If you do not call at the time of our scheduled consultation session, that session is forfeit and will not be credited back to you.

  3. I will only give the consultation during the scheduled hours and will charge for the full session, regardless of when you call during that session. For example, if we schedule a session at 10:00am, and you call at 10:30am, I will only be in call with you until 12:00pm and still charge for the full 2-hour session. On the flip side, if I get carried away with chatting and go overtime by a few minutes, you won't be charged for those extra minutes.

  4. If a change in scheduling is needed, I require a 24-hour notice. If a change is made within those 24 hours, the scheduled session is forfeit and will not be credited back to you. The new scheduled session will count as a separate session and will require a new invoice.

  5. In the case of an emergency, call or email me as soon as you can to let me know. The session will be credited back to you.

Tip: You are absolutely welcome to send me quick emails 24 hours before a scheduled session to confirm that the session is on.

Video calling platform:


**Note: As of now, I am only doing consultation sessions on Skype. I will send clients an invitation via email to add me on Skype.

Please note that video calling my account at other times than we have scheduled for our consultation is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate termination of scheduled consultations. All consultation sessions that were charged but not given at that time will be forfeit and will not be credited back to you. Your account will also be blocked from contacting my account henceforth.