Hi! I'm Joanna.

I'm a professional flutist and online content creator. Here's what I do.

Private online flute lessons on Skype

Livestream flute reviews & practices on YouTube

I'll be teaching a masterclass at the Vancouver Academy of Music in Vancouver, BC on Friday, May 20, 2023 @ 3:30pm!

Apply now to perform for me and ask me a question about your piece. We're putting me on the spot—whatever problem you're having with your selected piece to perform is now my problem to solve! Your job is just to have fun and learn!

Free admission for anyone who just wants to watch and ask general flute questions during the Q&A at the end of the class!

I'll be teaching in Italy as part of the InterHarmony International Music Festival this summer!

Apply now! | https://www.interharmony.com/italy/

I am partnered with the Flute Center of New York!

The Flute Center of New York sends me flutes to try, and I get to tell you guys how they respond to me! I make my observations as objective as possible so that everyone can have the best shot at purchasing the flute that best fits them.

Note: I earn a commission every time you use my code on both FCNY and FCNY Music. If you choose to support me in this way, please know that I appreciate it very much! 

Use code "JAF" at checkout on:

Free shipping
10-day trial
18-month warranty (new flutes)
Try 3 instruments per trial

Note: This code only works on $400+ USD instruments (the starting price of beginner model flutes). 

10% off your entire order